Dwight Fuhro

I am the "Top Buyer in the World" of vintage "Shadow" items form the 1930's and 40's.
I am a private collector that is looking to put together the Top Shadow pulp run
and Shadow memorabillia collection in existence.

I am 95% complete in having a high grade Shadow pulp run. I am still looking for a nice Shadow #1 (1931), #'s 3-6, and for any Shadow pulps from the "Strasser" collection (originally sold by Von Crayville). I will continually upgrade and buy individual books or a complete high grade Shadow pulp run, paying absolute top dollar.

I am also looking for the following Shadow items from the 1930's and 40's.

1) Shadow advertising signs/posters 2) Shadow premiums 3) Shadow costume
4) Shadow mask 5) Shadow disguise kit 6) Shadow gun and holster
7) Shadow Flashlight 8) Shadow pen 9) Shadow watch 10) Any other RARE Shadow
collectibles, prototypes, and/or Store displays from the 1930's and 40's.


I will buy original Shadow cover paintings by Rozen and Gladney, as well as
original interior Shadow pulp art.

** I recently purchased the Original Painting of "The Creeping Death"
from "Heritage" auction house. **

I f you have pulp collectibles that you think I might be interested in, please email
or give me a call. Payment is immediate and dealings are kept confidential!

Dwight Fuhro - (306) 545-5460 (home) (306) 531-2211 (cell) - dwightfu@yahoo.com

**I am also intererested in buying other high grade pulps and pulp runs
as well as other pulp cover paintings (Spicy's, Hero, etc.). **

**I would also lke to hear from, and network with, other Shadow collectors.**